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    The B2B Revolution is Here

Magento B2B Webshop

Elevate Your B2B Website with Maxsel. Maxsel has meticulously developed a suite of Magento extensions, precisely designed to empower your B2B sales. Our primary focus is on delivering seamless functionality, ensuring user-friendly experiences.

We’re committed to offering B2B customers a B2C-like website journey, equipped with advanced features to facilitate substantial order quantities, and more.

Beyond software


Seamless integrations

B2B webshops simplify the procurement process, allowing businesses to place orders efficiently and manage their accounts online

Custom Pricing

Offer personalized pricing structures, enabling businesses to negotiate bulk discounts, special rates, or contract pricing.

24/7 Accessibility

Customers can browse and order products or services at any time, making it convenient for businesses operating in different time zones

Cost Savings

Reduced administrative costs, paperless transactions, and efficient order processing contribute to cost savings for both buyers and sellers.

Increase Reach

Businesses can expand their customer base by reaching potential buyers beyond their geographic location through online accessibility.

Enhanced Product

InformationDetailed product catalogs, specifications, and images provide comprehensive information to assist buyers in their decision-making

Competitive Advantage

A well-designed B2B webshop sets a business apart from competitors, attracting more customers and increasing market share

Analytics and Reporting

B2B webshops offer valuable insights through data analytics, helping businesses make informed decisions and improve their offerings.

Efficient Order Management

B2B webshops often include order tracking, history, and reordering capabilities, making it easier for customers to manage their purchases.

Integration Capabilities

Integration with ERP, CRM, and other systems streamlines business operations and reduces manual data entry.

What is Magento B2B Webshop

Magento B2B (Business-to-Business) Webshop is an ecommerce platform specifically designed for businesses to sell their products or services to other businesses online. It provides features and functionalities that cater to the unique needs of B2B transactions such as managing multiple buyer accounts, bulk ordering, negotiated pricing, personalized catalogs, and more. Magento is a popular and robust ecommerce platform that offers both B2B and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) solutions.

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  • Elevate Your Business with Magento B2B Webshop

why a magento b2b webshop ?

A Magento B2B webshop is your ticket to optimized business operations. Seamlessly integrate inventory systems, manage logistics, and efficiently handle large-scale B2B orders. It streamlines the quotation process and offers a personalized experience for customers with custom logins and easy access to order histories. Magento: your key to B2B success.

Boost Employee Productivity

A significant portion of your expenses is allocated to your workforce. The smoother their workflow, the more they accomplish.

We specialize in automating tasks that your employees perform repeatedly throughout the day.

If you’re using a CRM or ERP system, we seamlessly integrate with them. Our continuous synchronization with your B2B webshop eliminates redundancy and minimizes the risk of errors, effectively streamlining operations.

Elevate Your Business with Maxsel

Maxsel is your dedicated partner in crafting B2B webshops powered by Magento 2, the leading e-commerce content management system. Magento seamlessly syncs with inventory systems, logistics partners, and product management tools, making it the ideal choice for substantial B2B orders.

Explore the convenience of our quotation tool for requesting orders, and grant multiple users individual logins, empowering them with personalized delivery addresses and order history access.

with Magento B2B Webshop & take your website to new heights

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